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Spanish VAT – IVA

An introduction


The VAT or IVA is similar in all EU countries, though there are a few differences. There is no IVA in the tax free areas, such as the Canary Islands and the Spanish enclaves Ceuta and Melilla on the Moroccan coast. All who professionally perform services and sell goods in Spain are obliged to declare IVA four times a year to the Spanish tax authorities. Larger organisations do this every month.


21 %

The trading of goods and services is the basis for the IVA along with importation of goods. The standard rate is 21%. This is the most common rate and applicable to all goods and services, unless a lower rate has been specifically assigned.


10 %

The lower rate of 10% is applied to importation and transactions involving food (animal and people) products (with the exception of alcoholic beverages), water, sale of properties/homes, public transport, hotels (1 to 4 stars; 5 star hotels apply 21%), restaurants (this also includes alcoholic beverages, provided they’re served within the establishment) cinema and theatre tickets.



4 %

The lowest rate, it is applied on basic food items (i.e. bread, milk, egg, fruit & vegetables), books, newspapers & products aimed at helping disabled people.



0 %

As in other EU countries, there is no IVA applicable on health care, insurance premiums, bank charges, education and rent (private residents)

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