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Buy apartment in Fuengirola (or house)

Fuengirola is located exactly halfway between Málaga and Marbella, and has the longest beach on the entire Costa del Sol. 8 km of white sandy beaches and in the western part of the city is the Moorish castle from the 1400s. Fuengirola is a very nice place to buy a house or apartment. At Alamo International, we've got lots of houses and flats for sale in Fuengirola. Looking to buy a house or apartment , please contact our brokers in Fuengirola.

Buy apartment or house in Fuengirola

Fuengirola has 69,000 inhabitants

About 25 % of the residents ,are foreigners with a high concentration of British and Scandinavian residents, greater than anywhere else along the Costa del Sol. You can find English speaking International Schools , many businesses aimed exclusively for the British, along with all sorts of clubs and associations . Fuengirola has perhaps the most beautiful and longest beach promenade with its 7 kilometers. Like all the other towns along the Costa del Sol , it was once a fishing village with fishing and agriculture as the main sources of income . The city has managed to retain its original small-town atmosphere.

Apartments for sale in Fuengirola

At Alamo International you will find many houses and apartments for sale in Fuengirola. It's easy to find holiday apartments or houses in our database. You get all the help of our brokers, whether you're buying or selling your house or apartment in Fuengirola.

Fuengirola's Neighborhoods

If you want to buy apartment in Fuengirola, you have a few options. Apartments are spread throughout most areas while it might be harder to find houses in all parts. Apart from the city centre which, with a few blocks of townhouse as only exceptions, consist mainly of apartments, Fuengirola has got a few other interesting neighbourhoods in its 8 square kilometers.

Los Boliches

Just east of the centre lies Los Boliches. This part of the town consists mainly of apartment houses and a few blocks of attached houses. The blocks closest to the beach is a bustling area with lots of restaurants, bars and small shops. There are also some larger groceries stores like Mercadona etc and everything is within comfortable distances.

A few blocks from the beach you can find townhouses. Those are few and sought after, because of their proximity to the city. Los Boliches have good access to the highway.

Houses and apartments for sale in Los Boliches


Torreblanca is a suburb a couple of kilometers east of Fuengirola city centre. This is a common place for british and scandinavians to settle down with their family. In Torreblanca you will find many detached villas, some attached houses but also some apartments. The streets are quieter than down-town or Los Boliches. Many houses in Torreblanca have panoramic views of the Mediterranean including view of Africa and Gibraltar in winter time. With the views and height this comes of course a steep uphill walk from the beach so unless you find an apartment or townhouse close to the beach you will need a car or strong legs. The houses in Torreblanca are often roomier and have larger gardens than the areas closer to the center of Fuengirola.

Apartments and houses for sale in Torreblanca

La Sierrezuela

La Sierrezuela is technically not part of Fuengirola as it lies in the municipality of Mijas. But as Fuengirola has expanded past it city limits Sierrezuela is now attached to Fuengirola. It's a quiet neighbourhood with many spacios and luxurious detached villas and generous gardens. The distance to the centre and the beach is about 3-4 km. Many of the villas in La Sierrezuela have private pools.

Villas for sale in La Sierrezuela

Campo Mijas

The city limit of Fuengirola runs more or less along the A7 highway, a couple of kilometers from the beach. If you leave the city centre for Mijas, you will first go past an area called El Coto consisting of mainly townhouses and apartments and after that, when the hills start climbing towards the beautiful Mijas mountains, you find the neighbourhood of Campo Mijas. Campo Mijas is also located closer to Fuengirola than to Mijas but is formally a part of Mijas.

In Campo Mijas, you have more space, both inside the house and outside. Many villas have their own privat pools and many have beautiful views over the mountain and/or the sea. The area have lots of climbs and descends and the closest groceries shop is a couple of kilometers away so a car is usually needed to live here.

Campo Mijas

Fuengirola's History

Fuengirola's history dates back to the ancient Phoenicians who came about 1600 BC. They founded a major trading post here which was in use for long time. After the Phoenicians came the Romans who had a large settlement here and they built a fortress in Fuengirola. There was also a fish salting plant and they dealt with olives from the surroundings to Fuengirola . The Romans were left on the Costa del Sol and Fuengirola in the 8th century when the Muslims took over Spain . In the 12th century the Muslims built the fort and castle in Fuengirola. But in 1487 Fuengirola was liberated . After it brought Fuengirola a peaceful existence until the present day. In the 1950 's, began the tourist tide come and Fuengirola was one of the main settlements for tourism. It been constructing houses, apartments and hotels here at a furious pace until 2007, when the financial crisis put a stop to new construction.

Fuengirola Beach

The beach of Fuengirola is one of Spain 's longest with its 7 km sandy beach . The beach has the EU blue flag for clean beach and clean water. The beach is lined with lively promenade Paseo Maritimo in Fuengirola with lots of restaurants , bars and cafes. It is easy to rent beach chairs and there are also plenty of room for you who want to get free from the beach.

Restaurants in Fuengirola

In Fuengirola there are plenty of restaurants and you will find very good food at the most . There are some that we still thought to mention . MezzaNotte is a good restaurant with Lebanese and Italian food. Good meze and fine pizzas . Casa Roberto is a restaurant in Fuengirola with good food, open in the evening. The interior is dominated by 100's of golf clubs that hang from the ceiling . In the area around the post office in Fuengirola is a very nice plaza with plenty of tapas restaurants. Inside the promenade of Fuengirola there is a long restaurant street where you will find good food and good 3 -course menus from 8-10 € . It is very cheap to eat out in Fuengirola and you get a bottle of wine with dinner for about 10 € .

Visiting Fuengirola

Fuengirola is perfect on the Costa del Sol, midway between Malaga and Marbella. The advantage of Fuengirola is that you can go by train to Malaga and Malaga airport. It is convenient when traveling to and from the UK . By car it takes a bit just over 15 minutes to Malaga airport. It is 25km from Fuengirola center and the airport.

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